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What is the Tail of the Dragon?
The Tail of the Dragon is US-129 on the North Carolina-Tennessee border and is the premier public road for sports car and motorcycle enthusiasts in the country. It is reputed to have 318 curves in 11 miles.

When is the meet?
Thursday - Sunday, September 6-9. You are welcome to join us at any time during the meet.

Who is invited?
This is an 8thCivic.com meet, not just an 8th generation Civic meet. If you are a member of the site, you and your guests are welcome to come regardless of what you drive. If you drive a different car, just don't feel left out when we don't include your cars in the 8th generation Civic group photos. We'll make sure and get photos of the "other cars" together, too.;)

Where is the meet going to be based?
The meet will again be based at Tapoco Lodge which is about three miles away from the Dragon.

What are the rates at Tapoco Lodge?
  • Cabin or Lodge Rooms: $79/night for one person, $89/night for two people
  • Economy Lodge Rooms: $59/night for one or two people
  • Additional People: $25 each

What are the differences between cabin, lodge, and economy lodge rooms?
  • The cabin rooms are in several cottages on the property. Each cabin has between two and four rooms. The rooms within each cabin are separated just like your typical hotel rooms with a pair of private doors that people in each room must open to connect them.
  • The lodge rooms are in the main lodge building.:pat:
  • Economy rooms are also in the main lodge building. All economy rooms share a common bath and shower, one for ladies and one for men.
  • Expect the parties to be in the cabin area but everything on the property is within easy walking distance so nobody will be left out.

How do I make reservations at Tapoco Lodge?
  • Just call the lodge at 800-822-5083 and have a credit card number handy. They will not charge your card until you check out in September.
  • The last information I heard is that there are only two economy lodge rooms remaining at Tapoco Lodge.

If there are no vacancies at Tapoco Lodge, where else can I stay?

What is Deal's Gap?
Deal's Gap is just another name for the area where the Dragon lies. I honestly don't know if it is the name of a geological feature or if it's a name used for the general area. Deal's Gap Motorcycle Resort usually marks the beginning of the Tail of the Dragon on the North Carolina side. It's a popular gathering place there with a gift shop and a restaurant, Dragon Den's Grill. Usually, when people are talking about either the Tail of the Dragon or Deal's Gap, they are talking about the same thing.

Where is the nearest town?
Robbinsville, the nearest town, is 18 miles away from the Dragon via US-129. It's down the road from Tapoco Lodge.

Are there other great roads in the area besides the Dragon?
Yes. US-129 between the Dragon and Tapoco Lodge is quite good and can be considered an extension of the Dragon. NC-28 has a long curvy section known as the Hellbender. The Cherohala Skyway which begins near Robbinsville, NC as NC-143 and ends near Tellico Plains, TN as TN-165 is a more scenic road with sweeping curves and elevations about 5000 feet.

What makes 8thCivic.com Conquers the Dragon different from your average meet?
Not only do you get to meet new members and check out each other's cars, you also get to do some spirited driving on one of the best roads in the world. Also, it lasts more than one day so you will get a chance to get to know your fellow members a bit better than you would at your average meet.

Is this a Southern regional meet?
Absolutely not! Last year, half of the states represented were not in the South region. This year, we have people interested from half the states in the country and we even have members from Canada and some people from the West Coast are even interested! It is for driving enthusiasts everywhere!

Will we have any group drives?
The only scheduled group drive will be to Tellico Plains on Saturday.

Where can I get alcohol?
Graham County, where Tapoco Lodge is located, is dry. That means convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. will not have alcohol for sale. However, thanks to a weird North Carolina law, Tapoco Lodge is able to sell alcohol because it is a resort with a swimming pool and tennis court.:laughing: The lodge has its own beer and wine store. If you want liquor, you have to bring your own. Fontana Village sells beer and wine as well.

Can I use my cellphone at the Dragon?
The Dragon and Tapoco Lodge are in a rural area with no cell coverage. Cell coverage for some services may be available in Robbinsville, the nearest town.

How can we communicate without cellphones?
2-way radios are recommended because they are the only way to communicate when not in Robbinsville. Make sure to get some with subchannels.

Will there be any awards given?
  • The Coolest 8thCivic Award will be given to the 8th generation Civic voted on by the attendees as their favorite. The vote will take place at Saturday night's dinner. If no car gets a majority, everyone will again vote on the top two votegetters. This award is for individual 8thCivic.com members only. Any cars brought by professional tuners, parts stores, or nonmembers will not be eligible.
  • The Longest Road Trip Award will be given to the member who lives the farthest away from Tapoco, NC. MapQuest will be used to calculate the number of miles. Give me your address at the meet if you think you are in the running for this award.

Do you have any tips for driving the Tail of Dragon?
Read this page and follow it religiously: How to Ride the Dragon
We are not there to race! Do not drive beyond your ability! The Dragon can bite you if you push it too much! Do not endanger yourself or others!

Can I be irresponsible?
I feel an obligation as organizer of this meet to do what I can to make sure the participants stay safe and enjoy themselves. Irresponsibility that endangers the safety and property of others will not be tolerated. Any offending persons will be asked not to return next year. There is to be no reckless driving, racing, fighting, or any other irresponsible activities. Don't ruin it for everyone else.

Where can I see pictures and videos from last year's meet?

What if I have more questions about the meet and/or want to let Cookstar know I am interested in attending?
You can post your question or declare your interest in the Official Chat Thead. You can get in touch with me through PM as well.

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Where is the Tail of the Dragon?
Robbinsville and Tellico Plains are also on this map.

Where is Tapoco Lodge, Fontana Dam, and Robbinsville?
Tapoco Lodge is in the northwest corner of Graham County, North Carolina. Note the proximity to the Dragon.
Fontana Dam is on NC-28 in the top middle portion of the map.
Robbinsville is near the center of the county.

Where do we meet at Fontana Dam?
We will meet at the bottom of the dam for the big group photos on Saturday morning. In the map below, we will take the road that is across the river from the campground. The map is not entirely accurate because the road follows the river to near the bottom of the dam. You will also see that it is possible to drive to the top and across the dam. There is some great scenery for photo opportunities there as well during periods of free time.

How twisty is the Dragon?
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