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800,000+ miles and still going strong

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Mileage update: Feb 11, 2011
600,447 miles


I have a 2006 Honda Civic LX sedan 5spd manual, I purchased it used from a local Honda dealer with 22,000 miles on the odometer on 05/26/2007.

It's currently at 203,284 miles, mostly interstate/parkway at 75 mph (occasional 110 + mph) but it still has a lot of city miles as well. Over 90% of the miles were with cargo in the trunk and back seat (rear seat cushion removed for extra height) comparable to 2 passengers in the back.

When I first purchased the car I was getting around 42 mpg but then sometime down the road it dropped to it's current average of 34 mpg (I have no idea why it dropped).

Sometime in June of 2007 I hit a separated tire tread form a semi that was coiled in the middle of the road (newly paved - black) in the middle of the night at approximately 75 mph, it felt like I hit a dog -- it did over $3,000 in damage: front bumper tore in two (replaced), A/C condenser destroyed (replaced), kinked A/C line (replaced), washer reservoir cracked (replaced), passenger side sway bar bracket on lower control arm bent (Dealership actually said the sway bar itself was bent, body shop said otherwise -- bracket was just bent back into place), and internal gearing of the steering rack was damaged (replaced rack assembly).

A deer ran into the passenger side of the car while I was doing about 60 mph. It shattered the rear view mirror glass (absolutely no damage to the housing or the housing paint) and put a good size dent in the rear quarter panel (no damage to the paint).

An oncoming car was across the center line on a curvy back road, our rear view mirrors hit (thank god that's all the contact our cars made) shattering the mirror glass but again, absolutely no damage to the housing or housing paint (these f#ckers are built :p)

Paint is in superb condition, no cracks, chips, or fading. Windshield is another story, countless chips and a half circle crack in the upper passenger side (g*d [email protected] dump trucks!!!!!). Factory tint (at least I believe it's factory tint) is in mint condition, no peeling or bubbling. Interior is mint expect for shoe scuff marks on the passenger dash board thanks to my fiance and the silver paint is wearing off of my shift knob. There's no fading of the plastic and the upholstery is still in mint condition.

I have always used Mobile 1 full synthetic 5w20 motor oil with a K&N hp-1010 oil filter, I change the oil approximately 1,000 miles past the maintenance minder. I've just recently started using Lucas oil stabilizer. The only parts I've replaced have been the spark plugs (NGK laser iridiums at 80,000 miles), Duralast Gold - lifetime warranty :p - front brake pads at 120,000 and 180,000 miles (it's impossible to find rear shoes that actually fit from any of the local auto parts stores, they were all too wide -- you can get them from Honda, but they're $15 a piece), Tokico shocks/struts at 180,000 miles (absolutely love them -- still have factory springs though, but plan to drop it with Eibach Sportlines and Skunk2 control arms), and got the rear upper control arms replaced under warranty (new alignment specs) at 190,000 miles (they paid for labor and parts, I had to pay for the alignment) I think the car looks much better with practically zero rear camber, and I love the way it handles now. I have not replaced any belts or hoses yet but will replace them soon along with a coolant and brake flush, new full synthetic gear oil and full synthetic Lucas oil stabilizer for the manual tranny, and a valve clearance adjustment (slight ticking at idle). The engine burns about half a quart of oil per oil change (has always done this since I bought it). Other than the ticking at idle, the engine is silent but idle is a bit rough (I think I need to get the idle speed adjusted -- anyone know how to do this, or should I just have the shop do it?). The factory clutch is still holding strong with no noises from the bearings or tranny.

I absolutely love this car and have had no other problems that I can think of at this time. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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It'll be a couple hours before I can post pics, gotta have lunch with the fiance first (they'll be from a cell phone, but still decent). I drive about 660 miles a day Mon-Fri and another 360 on Sat.
of course :p I went through the oem tires pretty quickly. I was use to driving older cars and have never rotate my tires on any of them in the past. I learned my lesson pretty quickly with this car. After about 10,000 miles the rear tires feathered very badly and I had to get them replaced. Since then, I've gone through a set of Hydroedges (these tires suck) and I'm about ready to replace my Assurance Comfort Treads (absolutely love these tires, they are so quite even at 90 mph, you can barely hear them), these sets were both 80,000 mile tires. I'm going to replace my Comfort Treads with a set of Bridgestone Turanza Serinity in about 10,000-20,000 miles.

volvo9 said:
What do you do for work BTW, traveling sales or marketing?
I deliver medical supplies to nursing homes.
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I live in Evansville, IN and deliver in Western and Central Kentucky (Paducah, Murray, Lewisport, Hardinsburg, Brandenburg, Elizabethtown, and Campbellsville). You have to live within 30 minutes of Henderson, KY to be considered for this job.

I change my oil every 2 to 3 weeks, rotate my tires every Monday, and balance the tires every 3rd rotation. When I get my Bridgestone tires I'm also going to get the lifetime alignment for $150, and get my alignment checked every month.

A couple things I forgot to mention: the passenger door doesn't always latch on the first try and there's something wrong with the second gear synchro (I grind second alot under heavy acceleration, it really pisses me off).

My '89 Ford (aka Mazda) Probe LX 4cyl 5spd manual lasted till about 300,000 miles before it died and I treated that thing like ****, so I'm hoping for at least 500,000 miles on the Civic before I rebuild the engine.

If anyone knows where I can get properly sized brake shoes for this car I would be very grateful, the factory ones aren't going to last forever and I don't feel like paying $60 for new shoes from Honda.
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also, my fogs lights have been ravaged by suicidal critters. I plan on replacing those soon, and plan to put some kind of grill on them :p
black05tj said:
You must have at least 80G on your MP3 right?
Actually, I have 2TB of movies, music, and tv series and a Mvix MX-760HD Hard drive media player to keep me occupied:popcorn::headfones:
cambodianricer said:
some people need medical stuff right away. shipping may not be quick enough.

everything needs to be delivered by a certain time every day, and there's a lot of paperwork involved so UPS and FedEx are out of the question. I actually work for a separate company than the pharmacy, we deliver for them, Red Cross, and the local airport (lost/late luggage).

maximo61170 said:
thats crazy! dont you get sick of driving?
Like I said, I have 2TB (2 terabytes or 2,000 gigabytes) of movies, tv series, and educational videos (all legal of course). It would take over 8 months for me to watch everything once at 10 hours a day (the average time a spend watching tv every day), 6 days a week :popcorn:

And of course the thrill of driving a 5spd manual with performance suspension on curvy back roads keeps things interesting :vtec:

side note: this has been bothering me ever since I came to this forum -- Why the hell does Monroe shocks advertise on a forum board exclusively dedicated to 8th gen civics when they don't even offer shocks/struts for the 8th gen?:scratches:
PMP_6MT said:
You're watching whilst driving...?
Yes, I've been doing it for 2 1/2 years now (approximately 350,000 miles) without incident. I have a flip out screen on the top din so it's very close to my line of sight with the road, I can easily see the road if I look at the screen but I usually just listen to the movie and glance at the screen on occasion. If the weather gets bad or I don't trust the traffic around me (no offense to anyone on this forum, but I absolutely hate Kentuckian drivers) I'll shut everything off and just focus on driving. There's no way in hell I could do this job without some kind of entertainment.

Jardiniboy said:
I think your MPG has dropped because of a dirty air filter.
I have a K&N air filter, I clean it every 30,000 miles. I was very upset that I didn't see a mpg increase when I switched to the K&N but at least I don't have to buy anymore filters.

Does anyone know if there's a reusable cabin filter for the 8th gen?
You would think so, but the parkways are full of idiots (again, no offense). I constantly see cars in the ditches, cars driving west bond on an east bound lane (that's always fun), and semis on their sides in a ditch (I have no idea how they manage that, it's always on a flat, straight section of the parkway on a clear day:scratches:). I've even seen their "Safety" patrol trucks in ditches, I can't help but laugh when I see that:rotfl:. These are just my observations though.
I start at about 1:30 pm central time and generally get home at about 3:00-4:00 am.
God I love e-bay!!! I just got me a "new" used engine (with all the trimmings) from an '06 LX with 9,000 miles on it for only $165 (+ $250 for freight shipping). Now when my engine blows (if it ever does) I just have to drop in this bad boy and I'm good to go.
227,000 miles, engine runs smooth, but the oil is starting to smell like gas at each change (I think my rings are shot). The engine is hopefully going into storage until my car hits 400,000+ miles. If the engine is still running strong after I change jobs (in about 2-4 years) I'm going to swap my new engine in anyways so I can have a nice reliable family car.
no smoke that I can see.

I'm still using mobile 1 and think it's working great (I also use 1 quart of full synthetic lucas oil stabilizer) but I've switched to the 5w-30 extended performance (15,000 mile oil) and haven't seen a drop in mpg yet, so I think I'm sticking with the 5w-30.
still all original parts on the engine, I've only changed the plugs, filters, and PCV valve. I just recently (2,000 miles ago) flushed the coolant and plan to flush my brakes once my ATE super blue gets in.
engine seized on me!!!! no time to go into details atm, thought I should let you all know.
Sorry to leave you guys hanging like that, but I had to go to work (unfortunately I have to drive my Odyssey for the next 2 weeks, it's gonna cost me a fortune in gas), then me and a buddy tried getting the Civic up on his car dolly so I could get it to my parent's garage. After 2.5 hours in the rain and a busted a/c line, we gave up and figured we'd just do the drag method tomorrow night.

And yes, the engine is DEAD!! it didn't free up after cooling down. After I get my new engine in (in about 2 weeks) I'm going to strip the old one down and see what the hell happened. The car was running perfectly, it was about 92 degrees out and I did some "spirited" driving around a slow f*ck (I'm blaming this indecent on him) and then pulled into the parking lot. The engine idled fine in the parking spot, it didn't sound or feel different in any way!! I come out of the store, get in my car, turn the key and... click, click!! I thought it was a dead battery but the symptoms didn't match, so I put it in gear, popped the hood, and rocked the car back and forth, the drive shaft pulley didn't budge. I tried pushing it and popping the clutch, but the tires just locked up and screeched.

Is there any way that one of the belt driven accessories locked up? I figure no since the tires locked up rather than the belt slipping when I popped the clutch.

I'm very disappointed in this engine, I was hoping for 400,000 - 500,000 miles easily. I mean hell, my '89 FORD Probe, which I treated like sh%t, hit 300,000 miles before it died (and that was due to either ignition or fuel failure, the engine was still in perfect shape). Oh well, I guess I did jinx it when I bought that engine off ebay, I just couldn't pass up that deal though, lol.

I'll post more updates as the swap progresses.

And thanx for all of your concerns:thumb:
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It's too damn foggy to tow the car tonight, maybe tomorrow night.

Im hoping your engine is fine. How often do you check your fluids? engine and tranny. Your engine shouldnt just die like that , unless a drive belt failed(timingchain) or you ran out of fluids and drove dry for awhile.
Also, the car did not just die in the middle of the road, it was after you parked it.
Starter jammed in flywheel? Hopefully the crankshaft or cams didnt break in half.

I agree that the engine shouldn't die suddenly like that, that's why I'm so baffled. I just recently changed the oil, the oil light was not on that day (or ever), I just recently flushed the coolant (used oem Honda 50/50 mix), and the car was idling fine (just as smooth as ever, no clanking or abnormal noises). And same when I shut the car off, no abnormal noises; I'm pretty sure I would hear a chain, crankshaft, or cam snapping. I doubt if it was the starter, when I tried turning it over there was no effort made, it just clicked. Before I tow it tomorrow I'm going to take off the serpentine and see if it was one of the belt pulleys that froze. The only things I can think of are either a frozen pulley or a piston wedged in a cylinder.

You think it can be rebuilt, repaired ? Rather than use the new engine.

Just overhaul it or whatever ?

Goodluck with the car, but we would still like to see pics of your car !!!

I don't exactly have the money to rebuild the engine ATM, plus I already have an engine ready to be dropped in. I do plan to rebuild the old motor (if it's not damaged beyond repair) for a turbo mod whenever I quit this job.

Pics of the car and engine swap will be posted sometime in the future.
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I'll find out if it was the engine or an accessory that seized today, I'm getting it towed and will start diagnosing the problem (different battery then try to start it, remove the starter and check engine movement, remove serpentine and check engine movement, etc.). Hopefully I'll have the engine/tranny pulled before I have to go to work (3 pm central) -- actually, I hope it's a jammed starter and I don't have to pull the engine at all:pray:

Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck.
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