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torque makes for low end power that help the car accelerate, but hp makes for higher top speeds and top end power. gearing makes the most of these elements, but if you want more torque you have to sacifice a lot of hp; but if you want more hp, you have to sacrifice a little bit of torque.

Hondas are slow off the line because (STOCK) the hp/torque ratio is low compared to dodge/chevy/ford. However, the higher the hp and rev limit, the easier it is for a low torque car to take out a high displacement car, because the high revs with the high hp will burn the tires and keep the car at high rpms at the start, where most cars would drop rpms to very low levels, requiring a lot more torque. Also, combine that with a close transmission, and all you need is hp pretty much.

Ah physics....It's all about momentum:)

4 days.....
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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