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02boostlessVIC said:
displacement makes torque, hp is made by intelligence
some others to compare
acura rsx-s 2.0l 210hp 141tq
ford focus 2.0l 136hp 133tq
scion tc 2.4l 160hp 163tq
acura tsx 2.4l 200hp 166tq
NOW do you see how THEY stack up i think 140tq for a 2.0l n/a engine is great honda makes far more horsepower than any of the cars in it's class
so looking at those specs, what would win from a total stop, a rsx-s or a tc?
like in a drag race?
im not to smart when it comes to cars as far as specs and shyt, but i do know that tq matters alot from a stop...??
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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