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So I had Corsport cable and shifter bushings bushings installed several weeks ago, nothing wrong intially.

About a week ago, for my 3rd gear, there would always be a *slight* grind every time I shift. It doesn't matter what speed, what rpm. Heck, even when I'm idle and shift from neutral to 3rd, there is this grind.

On top of that, my 3rd gear almost moves into gear without having to press on the clutch! When I'm idle, I can just move my shifter to third gear and I'll hear this louddd grind. (whereas other gears, it prevents me from moving the shifter that far)

I tested this slowly. On Idle, I Would shift from neutral to 3rd gear VERY slowly. Still grind. Gears don't pop out or anything, I had my 3rd gear repaired with the TSB many many months ago, and no problems with the stock set-up.

The shifter cables are fine, no kinks. Anyone know what's up? Heard there were lots of freeplay on the corsport bushings, i dunno what's up.

Some advice would be good before I take my car to the dealer nd pay em loads to fix somethin simple (or so I hope) thanks!
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