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Well as of late, my 2nd gear grind issue has been really getting to me. I decided that its time to do something about it before my warranty is up. I was curious what other people's experiences were when going to the dealership about this issue.

-How did you explain it to them without making it sound like you beat on the car often(I dont track my car or beat on it alot, but I occasionally like to rip through the gears just like the next person)?

-Did you bring the car in with any mods? I have i/h/e but im thinking its a good idea to remove them before I attempt to get warranty work because that could just give them a reason to deny me.

-What dealerships did you have a good experience at when it came to getting transmission work done under warranty? ( AKA, which ones gave you the least amount of hassle)

I know the 2nd gear grind is an issue a lot of people are having and Ive done alot of searching around but I cant seem to find a real "fix" for the issue. Everyone that ive found that fixed the problem got it done at the dealership and it seems like they just replaced parts with oem parts which means that it will probably happen again down the road.

I really dont like dealing with the 'stealership but in this case its my best chance to get the problem fixed im just looking for as much info as i can before i go in. Im located in south jersey and im looking for a local-ISH dealership that is understanding of the problem and wont give me a problem when going in to get the work done so if anyone has had a good experience in the tri state area of NJ,NY,PA,DE,MD tell me your story! Ide probably be willing to drive a bit to a good dealership if it means being able to get work done.

I want to be able to continue to :vtec:!
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