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Seems there are quite a few of us!! Lets get the :party: started! Lets get a list of local members going here!! :popcorn: and weekly mini-meets setup :vtec:

Weekly Mini-Meets

** Note ** - if you're not from Stockton/Lodi area and the above information doesn't sit well with you because it's too far (and understandably so), LET US KNOW, Speak up so we can relocate the meet up spot every so often...

Official List of 209 Members:
– Stockton:
  • SeanJohn1802
  • K20z3 Civic Si [Phong]
  • drfters13
  • goofygamer
  • timmytimtimm
  • Mick478
  • Mr.Sc
  • 2007SilverCivicSI
  • ZeX6R
  • MRK20
  • chugiboi

– Lodi:
  • tmans08

– Manteca:

– Modesto:
  • aodmisery
  • ac3320
  • ShadyNova
  • puffdc

– Tracy:
  • K20Redline

– Turlock:
  • 8thsigrrrl

– Delhi:
  • effNsi

• Vsin - TBD

** NOTE ** if list is incorrect in some way, please PM me and let me know

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Quickkidd said:
:pat: stop smoking bad weed son... your like 408 or something lolol :eek:hnoes:

K20z3 Civic Si [PHONG] said:
Theres like 5 of us from Stockton. We should all meet up (those that are going) before the meet.
for sure man... what time everyone want to meet up??

timmytimtimm said:
timmytimtimm - stockton
im in bro.
your inbox is full bro..

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nice. wish i drive the same whip as u. yet, not much of mods. so far just bought the front hfp kit (wasnt feeling the whole kit) hoping in a month cop some 18s for it. then an intake and exhaust 3-4 months after. thats the plan. so far so good
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