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** UPDATE **

Back in June a lady hit my passenger side on my 09 FA5. Lady in front of me pulled off into the shoulder and stopped so I just kept on going and the next thing I turn she makes starts making a U-turn from the shoulder and just nails my passenger side (between both doors). It was fixable but didnt drive the same so I just got rid of it (huge mistake because I missed it more than ever)

Bought a 2013 Si on Saturday March 23rd. Missed my 09 way too much and just wanted to get back into one. I plan on boosting this when I get a few more miles on it but will start doing the minor things here shortly :vtec:

At the dealership

8th Civic Dyno Day 3/30/13 @ Innovative Motorworks....Bone stock 185whp and 160tq

2009 TW FA5 - bought it brand new in July of 2009. dont have any pictures when i bought it, so the first couple of pictures have a few things done to the car already.

Engine/Performance Modifications
CT-E Stg. 2 (3.15") - Ported
Tuned by Innovative MotorWorks
Modified 520cc Injectors
Crushed FPR
Hondata 4 Bar Map Sensor
Golden Eagle IMG
Skunk2 76mm exhaust
Skunk2 Header
Password JDM PowerChamber
Boomba Motor Mounts
Flash Pro
Competition Clutch Stage 4

Wheel/Suspension Upgrades
skunk2 Pro S V2 Coilovers
Ingalls Front Camber Bolts
Buddy Club Rear Camber Kit

Exterior Modifications
JDM front & rear badges
HFP front lip
yellow DRL
Pink HID Fog Lights
red tailight overlays
Whale Tail
Color Matched Trunk Piece

Interior Modifications
XLR8 Gauge pod
AEM Boost Gauge
AEM Uego Gauge
TWM stage 2 full assembly short shifter
Blox Neo Chrome 490LE Shift Knob
Type R Steering Wheel Emblem
Bride Armrest
Bride Shiftboot

Other Modifications
Painted Intake Manifold Cover
Side mounted license plate
Red " I-Vtec DOHC" side stickers
"JDM as F*ck" battery tie down

CustomLightz Retros
Mini H1 Projectors
Taffeta White Type K Shrouds
Black Housing
6000k Bulbs

The Beginning

Skunk2 Springs

video from friday night at MIR

December 29, 2010

Skunk2 Pro-S


Dyno Day at Innovative Motorworks 1/29/2011...214whp 156tq:dancing: Dynoed with the Vibrant Catless Header

1st pull​
2nd Pull​
3rd Pull​

CT-E Stg. 2:cheerleader:

Maryland International Raceway 3-20-2011​

295wph 195tq tuned by Innovative Motorworks​



Skunk2 76mm :cheerleader:

Bride Interior w/ NeoChrome Knob

Skyline Drive Cruise 2011


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yea it gets everybody. I was originally looking at the fiji blue coupes and thats when i made my name, but went i went to the dealer i saw the white fa5 and just bought it.

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Nice TWFA5! Only criticism I have is the chrome on the trunk. I see you also have the splash guards, you planning on keeping them on? I can't decide myself, looking more smooth vs. keeping my paint... Dilemma.

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Danny (bulliedog) you fail !. And I took the front mudflaps off and the rear mudflaps are coming off as well. It looks alot cleaner without them. As for the chrome piece on the truck, I've ordered the painted piece to match the car so that should be coming here soon

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** Updated Mod List** Im still waiting on some of the parts to arrive at the house ( in red ). Hopefully everything will be here by Friday or Saturday because will be installing it all on Sunday. So stay tuned for more pictures this weekend.

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finally got around and installed somethings. Still waiting on a few things to be delivered

and this is with the coilovers on. still have to upload the others off my camera

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