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Nihoncar.com said:
Ahead of the Geneva Motor-show Mazda has finally released some official pictures of their up-coming exciting sports hatchback, the Mazda3 MPS. If we haven't gotten official information on the true power of this little pocket rocket, we've heard that the Mazda3 MPS could get a 2.3l Engine with 256bhp output... Still an impressive achievement on a FWD car... Who said torque steer?

The Mazda3 MPS will apparently not be the only star of the show, and you should get ready to discover alongside our little monster the Mazda3 i-Stop. Featuring as you have may have figured out, i-Stop technology.

The Mazda i-Stop is a proprietary technology for improved fuel economy by 10 percent. The Mazda i-stop controls piston position at engine shutdown and by performing a combustion restart to bring the engine back to idling speed in 0.35 seconds.

Still looks very smiley, but now with extra air intakes and a hood scoop. You can't really beat this car for functionality + value + performance. What do you guys think? The i-Stop technology seems to be the new trend with small compact city drivers. Stop at a light engine turns off, light turns green and in 0.35 seconds (in the i-Stops case) engine comes on! Repeat over a stop and go morning commute and you save mucho gasoline from not idling! Remember 15 seconds of idling uses more fuel than turning it off than restarting your engine when needed
1 - 20 of 75 Posts
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