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**UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM- 05/24/2010**

A 6th gear issue.
YES you heard me, 6TH GEAR issue.

Get there in a minute; CHECK underneath the pictures for the explanation. I might need to end up resizing the cell phone pictures; I have a very large monitor and resolution.
I've been on 8thCivic for well over a year now- just never introduced myself.

I'll tell you the details about the FG2 first.
I had a 2008 Civic EX-L. It was an Auto, Night Hawk Black Pearl, and had a "Type R18" Decal on the side...Kind of went in the wrong direction with it and I should have first of all got the SI. I got it for a graduation present.
I sold it for a decently high amount, and used that as a down payment on this very nice 2010 Crystal Black Pearl FG2, which I make the payments on myself for a cheap amount.

From Factory:
-HFP Lip kit [09/10 obviously..]
-HFP Exhaust.
-No front License plate.
-UGLY new NYS License Plates.....................................
-6th Gear broken.................

Added at this moment:
-JDM "H" Emblem [front right now]
-Pioneer Avic Z1 Navigation
-8thCivic NY-Crew Sticker..lol.
-12LED-White Map Lights.
-6LED Red-Dome Light [Had one laying around...might as well save the extra buck.]
-DIY License Plate Relocator.

To Be Installed [I already have them]:
-Eibach Sportlines.
-Injen Short Ram Intake
-Tints 30% all around [I need some extra cash for this, though.....]

To come by September: *However- All of these "to come" depends on my money status.
-Buddy Club Race Header
-Apexii WS2 Exhaust.
-Hondata Reflash.


Cell phone pictures:

Inside...Shaky camera ha:

Tuesday when it was raining:

I shall get better photo's soon, when the car gets back from getting the 6th gear fixed.

Now here's the story:
I took delivery of the car on Thursday. The car felt beautiful- smooth. Shifting was great as soon as I got the hang of it. I got into every gear perfect. I put about 100 miles on the car Thursday driving around getting used to driving a manual; just in parking lots and going to friends houses and what not. 100 miles of inner-city driving, going no more then 40mph. Friday comes; drove a bit more, then it started raining. I let my brother drive it to the movies, 6th gear worked fine for him and I both that night.
Saturday, I had to play a gig [I am a musician] so I used the truck instead of my FG2 the entire day.
SUNDAY comes...I get on to an expressway near my house- and I ease on slowly. I go from 1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th to 5th- no hastle. I'm about at 48mph and I shift into 6th gear and I lock it into 6th gear and gently push the gas pedal- and it felt like it was in Neutral?
So I stay in the right lane and try it again. Didn't work.
I stay at around 45mph in 5th gear, run a couple errands, the go back home. I thought it might have been me- so I had my father drive it. He couldn't get it into 6th gear. I didn't drive at all Sunday after that in fear something was wrong.
Monday comes, I call the dealership, explain it to them and set up an appointment for Wednesday [yesterday].
I meet up with a few friends from around the area, and we do a small cruise to one of their houses. I get there and explain the issue- the one has an rsx-s, the other a turboed s2k. The one drives it and sees the same issue- the other says it is probably the synchro's (sp?).

Now I searched this site HARD on Sunday and Monday and I couldn't find anyone with the same issue.
6th gear though, really? On a car with less than 200 miles on it?

Your thoughts are appreciated-
Negative or positive...whatever it may be! haha.

Oh- and they called me today and said that they have never seen anything like this, and that they home they can fix it by Monday.
I'm just glad Finals are over and I'm off for a small break before summer classes begin..

************Update!!************** 05/24/2010
Warning: Pictures bellow are from a cell phone lol.

So I got the car back Tuesday of last week and it had a total of 300 miles on it. When they fixed the transmission, they drove it to make sure 6th gear worked. I'm not complaining because I just want the break-in period to be over lol.
So Friday comes and I have just about 600 miles on the car. A friend of mine with a turbo'd S2K asks me if he can put my sportlines on. I obviously diidn't say no- so we jacked up the car. 1 and a 1/2 hours later the sportlines were on lol. The car has almost no finger gap in the front [can barely fit my finger], and it settled with about 2 of my fingers in the back [which is like...one and a 1/2 of a persons fingers. i have skinny and small fingers ha]. It doesn't look massively raked; but it looks a LOT better lowered. I have never driven a car that was lower than stock yet, and let me tell you- dodging pot holes, man holes, cracks and bad streets is really hard around my city.

Eibach Sportlines:

So then Saturday comes and we decide that I have 700 miles on my car..time to put on the intake. I have an Injen Short Ram Intake. I will have pictures of it soon. Installation took about 10 to 15 minutes. I suppose it's a little bit touchier; but when I hit Vtec...it sounded insanely loud and awesome.

Next things on the list:
Header and Catback!
But that won't come for a bit I think...
I'll keep this updated with nice pictures, though ;D lol.

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very clean!!!! i liiike! :thumb:

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Wow I got a lot to reply to...Let's start off here:

Great looking car :)
Thanks man!

nice car!
Thanks man!

very clean!!!! i liiike! :thumb:

I like the car! Take it Back to Honda and have them fix it.
Thanks! Yeah I did yesterday. They said they should have it fixed by Monday and they aren't sure exactly what the issue is yet- but they have verified that there is no more 6th gear..ahahaha fml.

caaaliempo i like the new ny plates too
I kind of like them...at the same time- only on my car.

R those my Red H's i sold!!! nice if i did haha they good right? XD
Yes they are! The only thing is that the rear emblem is larger on the 2010 Model? WTF is this sh!t man? haha. I have my old '08 stock emblems and they are the same size as them...which tells me they are the correct Emblems..but the rear H is larger.

Factory warranty FTW.

car looks good
Thanks man!

How are you liking the Pioneer head unit?

Thinking about getting one
They are pretty awesome, especially for being made in 2006...lol. I should have spent the extra thousand and got the new one...but hey- this one does it's job. It's a navigation with a DVD/CD player and FM/AM radio. I bought an XM/Sirius box thing..but I need the antenna now. I'm not exactly sure what- but it's like 40 bucks..and I have barely enough for gas for this month. That'll come next month when my bills are straightened out.
As far as complexity- This was annoying to figure out how to use- but after I realized how everything worked, it seemed to be a very nice system. I believe that the settings are a bit too extreme with the sub woofer, though. I need to figure out how to change the amount of bass I have for the sub. Even though it's at 0, when I crank up the volume; all I hear is a sub woofer. Not my personal taste.

Nice car but sorry to hear about your 6th gear problem. I hope it gets fixed :thumb:
Thanks man! Yeah same here...hopefully it will be all fixed by Monday, and I'll have better pictures to take of the car.

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Wtf...I haven't seen those on any cars down here in the bronx yet...lol. I kinda like it because it's different but yellow? why not black and red New York??? C'mon Son!

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Wtf...I haven't seen those on any cars down here in the bronx yet...lol. I kinda like it because it's different but yellow? why not black and red New York??? C'mon Son!
Yeah I know right?! haha. This is a reverse of the 1970's plates, though.

Are those new NY plates?

Its under warranty so dont worry
Yeah they are haha. and Yeah I know, it just sucks because the car has less than 200 miles on it and already a problem with the tranny...

Dude that sucks. Nice car and hope it all works out!
Thanks man!

Nice ride!
Thanks man!
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