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2009 Honda Civic weird cranking

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I have a 2009 Honda Civic Lx with about 112K miles. About 4-5 months ago I had noticed on some very rare occasions when I turned the key to start the car, the lights would come on and I would start to hear the sound of the car starting to cranking but then go dead. I thought maybe I didn't turn the key all the way or something because when I cranked again it would turn over, start and function normally.

On one of these occasions it tried to crank for a second or two longer but went dead, I look it to an Autozone and after 2 tests they said the battery was dead/dying, it was about 5 years so I changed the battery and thought the problem was fixed.

Since the battery change every now and then I'll get that same cranking delay before trying the key again and it starting. Today however I needed to try it like 3-4 times before it finally cranked over. It seems like maybe the battery wasn't the issue before. I took it to an Autozone and they used their machine that indicated the battery, alternator and starter was fine.

However, given the issue I have what might it be? I'm concerned it will die all together somewhere very inconvenient. If this is a sign of something bigger failing, can I take it to the mechanic to have them fix the problem? The car functions normally once I get it started.
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