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2009 Honda Civic Si Coupe - SRS issues…

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Well this is my first time dealing with SRS issues in a car and boy is it a major pain in the you know what! So far I’ve narrowed it down down to the code 83-22. The code basically means no signal from the outer passenger weight sensor. I tried clearing the light but it comes right back on unfortunately. I’m kind of confused as to where I should go from here? Should I send the SRS unit out to be reset? Is it possible it’s an “old” code and the issue no longer exists? Does the fact that the light comes right back on when I reset it mean the issue still exists? If I replace the weight sensor do I need to have my ODPS reinitialized? I really hope to get this figured out soon since I don’t want to register the car before I’m ready to pass inspection.
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UPDATE - i found the issue! The wires coming from the weight sensors were both cut.
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