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2009 EX Sedan Brake Work - 4-wheel disc w/ ABS

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I am looking for suggestions for replacement parts for my wife's sedan.Note this features 4 wheel disc w/ABS. Quality, durable parts is the goal. It is only street driven. This thread:

is good but lengthy and also appears to contain dated parts numbers. For example, it speaks very well of the Brembo Blank Rotors but I do not find the part numbers it states on the Brembo website. The part numbers I find on the Brembo website for her vehicle are:

Ft. 09.5457.31 ~ $50/rotor

Rr. 08.A147.11 ~ $46/rotor

Here is the webpage for the 2009 EX sedan: Shop - Brembo Store USA

If I purchase these I will simply use the pads Bremo recommends for them.

Additionally, when I removed the rear driver's wheel for inspection yesterday afternoon I found it very difficult to compress the caliper piston with a C-clamp. My Factory Service Manual does not cover the rear disc brake system. Do I need to exercise the ABS system to change rotors/pads on this vehicle?
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The rear caliper piston does not compress like the fronts, but rather needs to be turned/screwed in because of the parking brake being back there. Get yourself one of these from local auto parts store for around $8 and save headache trying to use pliers to turn piston. Just make sure to clock the piston correctly so the pad pin will slide in the groove.

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Actually, I already own one. I purchased it to repair a car owned by a friend of my wife several years ago.

My 8th Gen Civic service manual only covers rear drum brake vehicles.

I greatly appreciate you responding to my post. Time to order parts!
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