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Sorry guys, only one picture for now. Gotta wait til this snow clears up so I can detail her and take some pictures outside. I "worked from home" today so I wouldn't have to take her out. Just got it this past Saturday.

Sorry for the crappy pic. I've got the biggest itch to drive her but not now in the snow. Put about 50 miles on her saturday night. Now I understand what everyone means by "fun to drive." This thing is a blast. Like a friggin' go-kart. Extremely happy with my purchase.

I'll miss the Audi but the way this thing handles, I don't think I'll miss it for that long :wavey: I'm pleased with what mid-range power it has, thought I'd have to downshift for top gear passing but not the case so far. Anyway, hope you like it. More pics to come at a later date.
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