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So the New Year is coming up soon and I’ve been doing some thinking. I, probably like many of you, enjoy browsing through hundreds of parts for my civic while constantly telling myself, “yeah, I wish.” Well, with 2008 coming up, figured it would be appropriate to create a wish list for the New Year including what I would absolutely love to see manufactured for our civics over the next 12 months. I’m also curious to see what all of you would like to see be released in 2008. Anyway, here are the main things I’ve been thinking about:

1.) HFP Wheels available in Gun Metal

I’ve been salivating over these wheels since I first saw them, but I have always had mixed feelings about the bronze color on my NHB sedan. I know that the new 2008 HFP wheels come in silver, but I feel that they look almost too normal and lose their uniqueness. If these came in gun metal I would buy them in a second.

2.) A more aggressive HFP front lip for Sedan

I don’t mean to offend any of the owners of the HFP sedan front lip, but personally, I think it’s worthless. To me it looks like a random and plain piece of plastic that adds absolutely no character to the car. Hopefully an aftermarket HFP-like kit will fulfill this wish of mine. (I’m jealous of you coupe owners)

3.) The coupe SI front grille available for Sedans

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the sedan grills. To me, there is too much coverage with the sedan grille rather than the thin look of the coupe’s grille. This is minor, but I’m picky. :biggrin:

4.) More Cat-back options for the Sedans!

Although I’m not a SI owner, the number of cat-back systems available for the sedans is weak sauce. I mean almost every cat-back system available has to be extended 2” in order to fit the sedans, which is both costly and a hassle. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind a few of these for the R18 either. I can’t stand the non-existence of sound when I pretend like my car is fast. :vtec:

That’s all of the main things I can think of right now. I know I’m a little sedan bias but whatever, I own one. I’m interested in seeing how the coupe owners feel about what is available to them. Feel free to add your thoughts. I just figured I’d throw some ideas out there. Oh, and even though this is my first post, this forum has helped me out a ton, so thank you all. Have fun fantasizing about your civics… I sure as hell do, haha. :thumb:
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