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I love my 8th Gen, but a while back I fell asleep at the wheel (too much work and midterms is a bad mix) and smashed the driver-side tail end of my car. I saved the rest of the car, but the rear slid out when I tried to get control and hit the median.
I've always wanted to repair it, but it seems pretty daunting. The body shop quoted me a few grand for it, and I said I didn't need it that bad. I fixed the wiring and got the lights to work, but the "light" housing/cover is just a lot of light tape.
There's a pretty good crease the quarter panel. The surface rust that's built up since the accident is no problem to fix, but I was curious if anyone's had experience with body work on this? I think there's a subframe and wasn't sure if it's easier to cut out the entire panel or just cut out around the damaged area and what hiccups/details are specific to this vehicle. I tried pounding it out and it was better but not great by any means. The crease was pretty ugly; I can't fit a new taillight in there. Photos are from the night of.
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