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Over this winter in time for next racing season I plan to go with a Ny-Trex Wet Nitrous kit. I currently have full bolt ons and Flashpro. Skunk2 CAI/MegaPower Header/ and Skunk2 76mm exhaust. The parts for this build to have some fun at the track next season I am planning to get the following parts:
Ny-Trex Triple Threat Nitrous Kit
Ny-Trex Bottle Warmer
RPM Windows switch of some kit. (need brands recommended?)
Innovative Nitrous Power Safe Gauge
Also will be getting Hasport motor mounts
and Rota Slipstreams with 23 inch slicks.

Anyone have any real suggestions on this something I am missing or need to add I would greatly appreciate it! I am open to all real answers. Please let me know. BTW I am only looking to put a 50 shot into this. I do not want to blow my motor. Thanks in advance. This thread will also be my build/ installation as I go with this project.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts