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2008 Honda Civic Si
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Hey everyone,

I bought a 2008 Honda Civic Si sedan about three months ago and I'm at about 113k miles.

Starting a month ago, I've been hearing a sort of grinding or rasping noise when I'm in gear and I let go of the gas pedal, usually when I'm around or above 3k RPMs. It doesn't happen when I'm in neutral or when the clutch pedal is pushed in. It seems to get louder after downshifting. I've noticed it also rarely happens when I'm accelerating, but that's a lot less noticeable when it does happen.

I took it to a few shops where I let the mechanics drive my car to get an educated guess on what the noise could be and they all said it was some sort of bearing. I got the clutch replaced because it was starting to go bad and since the throw out bearing was also replaced, I thought that would fix the noise. Now, my best guess would be the input shaft bearing.

Before doing anything drastic and impulsive decisions like buying and swapping in a rebuilt transmission, I'd like to see if anyone on these forums could make any educated guesses on what the noise could be.

Here's a video compilation showing a few clips where the noise can be heard. I noticed that it's pretty hard to hear unless you're actually in the driver's seat, so I apologize if it's hard to hear in the video
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