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2008 civic LX will not turn over at all now

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My life just keeps getting worse and worse each day. I just fixed the rear brakes not even 3 weeks ago and now the car will not start.

The starter was just replaced 2 months ago, and it was doing this before the old starter went out, so I know it's not the starter.

The battery just tested as very good for the fourth time, so it's not the battery.

Here is what it's been doing:

About 5 months ago, I went out and the car would not start one morning. I thought the battery was dead and it just needed to be jumped, so I had the neighbor JumpStart me and it started right up.

Ever since then it will randomly not want to start, and the only way to get it to start is to jump start it for some reason, even though the battery is not dead.

Simply connecting the jumper cables to another vehicle has always got it to start right up when it does this, until yesterday.

Two days ago, it tried to start but then stopped and wouldn't do anything at all. Radio and lights all work, horn works, etc but it wouldn't turn over.

I did not have anyone around me to jumpstart me at the time so I just wiggled the wires around a bit and it started right up.

Fast forward to yesterday, I came outside to go to Walmart to get stuff for dinner and it did not want to start. The neighbor hooked up the jumper cables to his truck and it started right up.

I went to Walmart and when I came out it did the same thing that it did the previous day where it tried to turn over and then just stopped. Ever since then I cannot get the car to start at all.

I have had three different people try to jump start it and the battery just tested as very good this morning, but jump starting the car is not even working now.

My car has been stranded at the Walmart parking lot since yesterday.

I am fairly certain that the anti-theft system is somehow disabling the ignition from sending power to the starter.

Is there any possible way that I can bypass this so I can get my car started? This is our only vehicle and we are going through a very bad time right now with an eviction pending after the owner sold the house out from under us.

We have to get this car working so we can do anything at all, even get groceries each night.

I do not have free roadside assistance so I cannot even get the car towed to a shop to get it looked at.

I currently have $20 to last us until next Tuesday when we get paid again. I need to get this car working as soon as possible I am about to have a panic attack over here this is the last thing that we need right now.

Does anyone have any possible suggestions on how to disable the anti-theft system or any ideas for anything else that might be the problem?

I'm not religious but I am praying for a miracle right now.

I even took the old key with me in case the chip in the new key was going out but neither key will do anything.

Like I said the remote lock and unlock still works, the horn still works, the radio still works, all the lights on the dash still work, it just will not turn over at all now, and jump starting it USED to fix it instantly, but now it's not.

So I don't think it's the ignition switch, since jump starting it has always fixed it before.

Please please help me get our car running again 馃槶
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@wtgsphone - You wrote, "I did not have anyone around me to jumpstart me at the time so I just wiggled the wires around a bit and it started right up. "

Have you thoroughly cleaned the cable connections to the battery and ground wire and made sure they are making proper contact and are tight?

You also wrote, "So I don't think it's the ignition switch, since jump starting it has always fixed it before."

Symptoms of a failing ignition switch often times is erratic starting. Starts and then it doesn't over and over until it completely fails and won't start. Maybe you could source one at a salvage yard at low cost.
I checked the terminals and wires as best as I could, and cleaned them with a wire brush.

After 3 days I had no choice but to have it towed to a shop. I'm hoping they have figured out the problem by the time we get paid today, because we desperately need a car again.

I've been walking everywhere since Thursday and we ran out of money for anything at all, didn't even get to eat last night.

I don't know if it's the starter again, the ignition switch, the battery (even though it keeps testing as good).. I just don't know.

I just need my car back 馃槥
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