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I just purchased B-Radical's car yesterday. His thread is here.


My 03 civic LX Sedan was totaled about a month ago and i've been searching for something. This car just fell into my lap really. I do know my LX sedan auto (coming from an evo with 450whp) just didn't cut it. I wasn't however looking for anything obnoxious (like the evo :))

I'm happy with the purchase so far and I do want to get it on my maintenance schedule. This car already had the Clutch master cylinder upgrade done to it.

My list of things to do.

1) Change Transmission oil (Use honda or Amsoil MTF). I've had great luck with Amsoil stuff but i know some will say never use anything but honda.

2) Spark Plugs need Changed at some point. I'm assuming they are Denso or NGK? I'll look i tup later but wasn't sure if there is a preference on these cars.

3) Thought about putting just a cold air intake on it. Not even sure which is recommended so i thought i would ask.

4) and probably my most important is how to connect my phone to the audio (Please don't say aux port :) ) This car DOES have the nav setup. I know it doesn't have bluetooth (At least that I can tell) but i'm hoping some people have options for me to take a look at. I may have to post this question somewhere else and I can do that for sure.

Thanks for looking! I'll post pics later of my 500whp EG Civic I had in my younger days! If i can find one!
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