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2007 NHBP SI - Amelia

Hello everyone,
I know that I started kinda late, but I will try to remember all what I have done. I know that I haven't done much at all, but hopefully I will very soon. I hope you enjoy my progress page. There will be much more to come. :dance:


Car: 2007 Honda Civic Si Coupe

Date of Purchase: 11/22/06

Location: Knoxville, TN

Color: NightHawk Black Pearl



* Fujita SRI Wrinkle Black
* P2R Throttle Body Spacer
* P2R Throttle Body Gaskets (2)
* TWM Short Shifter
* TWM Cable Bushings
* TWM Shifter Bushings
* Hondata IMG (not installed)


* Shocker Decal
* Skunk2 Decal
* GrafXpressions.com Decal
* JDM Black Dip Stick
* Skunk2 Radiator Cap
* Buddy Club Oil Cap
* Skunk2 Reservoir Cover


* HFP Front Lip
* OEM Fog Lights
* 35% Tint
* Debaged "Civic" Emblem
* Cleared Taillights
* Cleared Headlights
* Chrome Signal Lights
* FIAMM Dual Horn
* Grafxpressions Red JDM Key Overlay


* Grafxpressions Civic Si Shifter Emblem
* Grafxpressions JDM Style Steering Wheel Emblem
* Squash Air Freshener
* Skunk2 10th Anniversary Weighted Shift Knob
* Auger Shift Boot
* 007 Garage Door Opener
* Strutking Dead Pedal Cover (Thanks ;) )


*HFP Suspenion


* Hondata Reflash
* Greddy Evo2 Exhaust
* Vibrant Race Header w/o cat
* Ingalls "Stiffy" Engine Torque Dampener
* NST 15% UD Crank
* NST 15% OD Alternator
* NST Belt Idler Pulley KIT
* Comptech Supercharger (as of now)
* JDM Rear DC5 Emblem
* JDM Front EP3 Emblem
* NRB Carbon Fiber Grill
* JDM Valve Cover
* Password:JDM Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold Cover
* Password:JDM Dry Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover
* HFP Suspension
* Progress Rear Sway Bar
* Gram Lights 57Maximum Light Grey
* BFGoodrich g-Force Super Sport
* Dupli-Color Caliper Paint
* HID Retrofit
* JDM Key Cover
* Grafxpressions Red TailLight Tint
* Grafxpressions I-VTEC 2.0L DOHC Intake Manifold Decal (black/white/red)

Time For The Pics!

11/17/06 - First Day At Home :clapping::clapping:

2/22/07 - Someone ran me off the road into gravel and I hit a wooden sign :sadface:
Got 35% tint prior the wreckage

4/27/07 - After a LONG two months I finally get my baby back. :dancing:
Cost Of Repair $13k :eek:mg: 2nd set of Headlights Cleared

5/20/07 - 18th Birthday Car Pictures & Installed Auger Shift Boot :birthday:

I Think A Bug Flew By!

9/7/07 - Finally Debadged the Civic Emblem :laughing:

10/7/07 - A Month Later Installed the "007 Garage Door Opener" and the FIAMM Horn :rockwoot:

11/17/07 - One Year Old! :birthday:

3/10/08 - Skunk2 10th Anniversary Shift Knob :cheerleader:

6/20/08 - Here are some new night shots that I took. I am just learning so excuse the poor quality. I think this might be a hobby I would like to pursue.

6/2/08 - Here is a better picture of my new P2R TBS/Gs and a Skunk2 Radiator Cap :badger:

6/2/08 - I purchased a StrutKing Dead Pedal cover as well. I think it really compliments the interior. Thanks StrutKing :thumb:

6/15/08 - Finally got my Fujita SRI in Wrinkle Black. This thing is really loud, you can definitely tell when VTEC hits :vtec:

I also have the TWM SS, Cable/Base Bushings, but I havn't taken a picture of those yet :sadface:

New pics with a little more knowledge about taking picture of cars and probably the last pictures without the HFP Front Lip

Finally got the time to take some pictures of the HFP Lip. Most people say that it really helps the car out. I have to agree 100% :)

Thanks For Looking! :wavey:​

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My daddy buys me whatever I want :wave:

lol no. I work at home online. I am planning on getting a job at a store because my parents say I need experience in the workplace. I don't know where though. If you have any ideas let me know :badger:

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wtf how do you go about getting a job online

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I sell informational products online. It's hard at first, but very easy once you get it going. I am also planning on selling aftermarket car parts online in the near future :thumb:

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here is mine..take the pictures sumthin like dis...

Ah ok, so I need contrast I guess. My girlfriend is big into photography so she is trying to help me out :thumb:
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