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2007 civic cracked block, coolant seeping out

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I have a 2007 Civic with a cracked engine block, coolant seeping out in area
behind alternator.
Bought new in 2007 and have 115,000 km on it.
I've read a bunch of stuff on the net about this problem with these 2006 - 2009
Honda Civics.

I phoned the dealer and he said, sorry nothing I can do.

I emailed Honda Canada, so far no response.

I had every intention on keeping the car but what really bothers me is that
this February (2020) the passenger side coil
spring broke so I had to have both front suspension strut and coil spring assembly replaced.
Total inc tax $ 1,244
In 2019 I had to replace the starter motor.
Total inc tax $636

I spent all this money and now the car is worth
nothing, I can't even sell it.

Honda should be made to pay for this.
Look at VW they have already paid out tens of billions for
that emission scandal.
How many engines were replaced by Honda over the years
and how much did it cost them?
A few million?
Honda should be held to account no matter how
much time has passed.
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I can relate to the pains of buying a car and having a major issue. It’s happened my entire lifetime but it’s made me very knowledgeable and a good mechanic so I can’t complain too much. I’ve swapped out a transmission 10-11 times and an engine as well as about anything you can imagine. Don’t think buying new makes you immune to repair costs either. I bought a 2014 Ford Focus with 1,500 miles and at 15,000 miles the automatic transmission went out. I couldn’t justify putting thousands into a new one once I learned all the automatics had the same issue. I actually converted it to a 5 speed manual and it’s been flawless ever since.

I know it’s hard to be positive when issues arise like this trust me but a life of misery is no way to live. Keep your head up. Maybe this is just the excuse you need to purchase some tools and learn to swap out an engine? It seems daunting but if you have friends that can help it can be done. This is why I now have thousands of dollars in tools. All paid for from savings of not getting my car issues fixed by the dealership but instead doing them myself. It’s easier to justify to the wife too ;-)
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