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2007 civic cracked block, coolant seeping out

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I have a 2007 Civic with a cracked engine block, coolant seeping out in area
behind alternator.
Bought new in 2007 and have 115,000 km on it.
I've read a bunch of stuff on the net about this problem with these 2006 - 2009
Honda Civics.

I phoned the dealer and he said, sorry nothing I can do.

I emailed Honda Canada, so far no response.

I had every intention on keeping the car but what really bothers me is that
this February (2020) the passenger side coil
spring broke so I had to have both front suspension strut and coil spring assembly replaced.
Total inc tax $ 1,244
In 2019 I had to replace the starter motor.
Total inc tax $636

I spent all this money and now the car is worth
nothing, I can't even sell it.

Honda should be made to pay for this.
Look at VW they have already paid out tens of billions for
that emission scandal.
How many engines were replaced by Honda over the years
and how much did it cost them?
A few million?
Honda should be held to account no matter how
much time has passed.
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I have expressed concerns on the other forums, but i still love my car. Now, i don't see the Block of my car cracking anytime soon, but when it happens, it's just going to sit in the driveway for another engine swap.

The sluggish acceleration will be corrected with a Valve Adjustment in a couple of days. Honestly, i thought that this car was to slow for me, but since i am a new driver, it's pretty zippy.
Let us know is the valve adjustment does anything tangible or seat of the pants difference! Mine is fine, has never been adjusted, yet I do feel it is a little sluggish when accelerating. I'm always told by the dealer that the motor is "within spec"..... whatever that means. Anyway, I do remember the car being a little more "zippy" as you say.
Ed, for those who do not know, how many miles do you have on your civic?
We read a lot of bad news on this sub forum, of course it IS the "mechanical problems" part.
So tell us the good news in some cases, like on yours? Aren't you pushing like 300,000 miles on the original engine/trans?
yep, I'm at 291,000 miles. I recently replaced the alternator and the door knob rod that opens the door fell out of its place b/c of a broken plastic part. Fix: $4. I religiously take care of my car and drive it conservatively. It also helps that that commute is mostly highway. YES, I dread the day I MIGHT see a crack on the block and notice a loss of coolant. So far I haven't. My mechanic friend told if it hasn't done so by now, it won't, especially at that mileage.

Original motor yes. I change the oil everytime the oil reminder goes to 15%. I average 6-8K miles between oil changes (all filters get changed regardless if they are not dirty). Original Tranny, yes. Regarding the tranny, I've changed the ATF every 30,000 (and again with the next 2 oil changes after that to get most of the old ATF out). Trannies can grenade themselves if the fluid isn't changed regularly. Should be done every 30,000 regardless of mileage.

In these 300,000 miles, I've:

1) replaced the front calipers (ok by me and this was several years ago)
2) replaced the A/C compressor (seems to be problematic at 100K or so). I got a new one on amazon for $300 last year.
3) replaced the passenger side motor mount. This was about 2 years ago.
4) replaced the alternator (two weeks ago)
5) replaced the pipe behind the muffler (It could've been the whole muffler with the pipe, I don't remember). This was last year.
6) replaced rear shocks. This was 3 years ago.

Good news? These cars WILL LAST if you take care of them. If not, well, whatever, that's on you, LOL. Other problem areas of the 8th gen is the paint. A lot of their clear coat seems to peel, but my Borrego Beige hasn't. I wash my car by hand about 5 times a year with Meguiar's shampoo (yellow liquid, it also waxes it) and nothing else. I SHOULD hand (or buffer) wax my car more often, but the paint is in great shape. When I do, I use cleaner wax. I know, my car deserves better, but I just don't have the time. Anyway, I can't think of anything else these cars suffer from.

The coolant/cracked block issue is hit and miss (IMO). It doesn't happen to ALL civics, but when it does, it sucks. Hard. If the car is in good shape (mechanically and esthetically), then I would venture on to say it is worth getting a new (2010+) block. It all depends if it's worth it to its respective owner.

Sorry for the long post.
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I'm assuming you do a Drain and Fill with ATF at 30K and then the next 2 oil changes.

I got the Full Drain and Fill - 3/4 times per Honda manual. Had a special and the whole thing cost like 80 bucks which was sweet since many places charge that for just One Drain and Fill.
Yes, sir, I drain and fill every 30K, then again the next 2 oil changes which, for me, is about 6-8K. It's not perfect, but my ATF has ALWAYS been red/pink in color. I've never seen it dirty.

Takes care of it religiously and drives conservatively.

It must be a Honda Civic "republican Christian" model. Sounds like the only thing missing is putting a face mask over the air intake filter and exhaust to prevent possible covid spread.

But for real, yeah I would say if the block were going to crack for no reason, it would have done so long ago. Even if it does, I would say at 291,000 miles you got your money's worth at least.

My 08 is at 84,000 miles so time will tell. Mileage is so low cause the last owner bought it in 2014 and just didn't drive much.
Yep, that is why if the engine vomits, I'd be ok with it (still would be upset, but at least I made it this long)

The fact that it is a Honda Civic "republican Christian" model is precisely the reason why its missing face masks..😋
Oh snap!
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