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2006 SI Spotted!

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The following account comes from Evan McC:

"I was driving through Wasaga Beach in Ontario, Canada, when I spotted a very lightly disguised '06 Civic Si Coupe (in Canada this model is usually called the SiR). It was VERY apparent that this was a production test mule - as the typical details of production-ready vs. concept had been changed. The major differences I could see between the concept car and this one were that the fender-flares were gone, the centre-exit exhaust was off to the right hand side of the rear bumper, and that the hood was not black. This car was silver, very similar to the concept. The body and many of the details looked identical to the concept from what I could tell. Spectacular looking car - looks like this one will be a major step forward! The stance of the car is much more appealing, the wheels looked to be 17", probably about 205 width* rubber. The concept's spoiler was present as well, very very similar, again. Overall, a great looking car! I am guessing that the power might be up to the rumours as well, since when they brought it to around 160km/h (100mph) I had no hope of keeping up to them in my stock '97 Si (EX in the US). The two Honda employees behind the wheel checked their mirrors often, but when I eventually passed them on a two lane highway while giving them a thumbs-up, they laughed and smiled."
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