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Hi. We have owned this HCH since new. Bought it is 2006 in socal. 120k miles. Anyway, in the past 3000 miles it has developed a weird issue. First it started off by being a little squeaking sound when coming to a stop. Thrn it started lightly shaking when coming to a stop. Now when i come to a stop the car shakes so much its like a huge f***ing vibrator or a v8 chevy truck with solid engine mounts... once its at a complete stop and the clutches disengage it stops shaking and purrs normally. its also starting to slip at low rpm. It seems like when ever the clutches in the CVT are trying to disengage, it rumbles, squeaks, and shakes a lot. The problem used to go away when the transmission warmed up but now i am starting to hear squeaks when its warm. The problem is exponentially getting worse. I had the dealer change the fluid and the problem seems to have gotten worse now.
My 1983 supra is out of order at the moment and i swear im not gonnadump another 2k into this car might as well lease the new 2019 6 speed corolla hatch.
Oh and the car shakes like hell on a cold start as well now. Even if i put it in neutral, i know its the transmission not the engine. To add, reverse gear is a slip and shake fest. Shakes the most in reverse when cold.

If you guys wanna see a video of it ill take one.

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