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Hi all,

I just bought a used but clean 06 civic ex sedan with navi. Does anyone know if my car is truly "ready" to get XM and it's just a matter of subscribing to the service. I am somewhat skeptical at this point as I have not been able to get a straight answer from anywhere. That includes many Honda dealers I've called and the manuals themselves. The navi works great but when I press the "cd/xm" button, there's no response for the xm part.

Please refrain from guesstimates as I've been through the gamut, only if you know for a fact; either you own one and have direct knowledge or been trained by Honda. Quite frustrated with how incompetent these service advisors are. I can handle if you acknowledge you're ignorant but BS I can't.

My suspicion is that my car needs additional hardware although it says "xm ready". And if this is the case, you got some screw loose for paying $2 grand for this NAV system. As a side note, the 2009 specs indicates that the ex model with nav systems are marked with "xm radio" as opposed to "xm ready" which leads me to believe that the ex with navis have the radio already installed; but maybe this is the case for the 2009 model and not to the 2006.

Does anyone own a 2006 ex sedan with the navi system? Thanks.
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