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Hey everyone!

I am new to the forum, and i am sad to see that there is no dedicated area that would help CSX owners! Since the CSX is a mostly rebranded Civic i thought this would be the place to get information!

Well to start off, i love my little car, very happy with it for traveling and the fuel economy is pretty great (beets my friend with the 1.8L Honda Civic manual). Well, just recently i have begun to have the paint issue that affects a lot of the civics from 2006-2013. above my rear windows there is clouding of the paint and above my windshield the clear coat is starting to spot and peel Has anyone had any luck with getting this fixed? or hear of something being done for the Acura CSX, which was not suppose to have the problem.

Second, I have the first generation CSX navigation system that does not have the Serious XM built in nor Bluetooth, would there be a way to upgrade to another OEM unit and that all features work properly?

Thanks for all the help!

John N.
2006 Acura CSX Premium + Nav
159,000.00 KMS
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