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Im noticing all the current sedans at the dealers are made in japan...
I know that when new models r released, so many hundred r built in japan, then they are made in the us...
Do u guys have any input to why the ones built in japan r rumored to be a better car?
2nd part is, do u guys think that when the si is released, so many of those will also be built in japan?

I do have to say, my friend has a 03 japanese v6 accord,
i have a 04 american v6 accord.
His car has had 2 minor issues.
Mine on the other hand has had.. jus to name a few.
Sagging pillars, non-closing sunglasses holder, crinkled exterior window trim, creaking roof, creaking rear seat, and I had to HAVE my whole nav system replaced cuz the reader didnt work right....
Not to say his car is perfect, but in all the issues i mentioned he hasnt had a problem with any of those...

Makes me wonder...
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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