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So I got my 3rd gear fix from the dealership last week and got it back last week on wednesday. My shifting to 1st and 2nd gear is kind of rough, but all the other gears shifts like a charm. No more 3rd gear grind and all that B.S. I have the Corsport Shifter Cable and I have posted a thread of information about their shifter a few days back asking if this is normal or not. Since they took off the Big Shifter Cable one and de-grease it, the Clip spins pretty rough. I tried to spin it by hand, it spins but not smoothly as how it is. If I grease the C-Clip up and it spins freely will that fix the rough shift to 1st gear and to 2nd Gear?

Went to the dealership, they are no help and very noobies. Can anyone please help me out.

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