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2010 Acura CSX Type S
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2010 Acura CSX Type S

I am pretty much new to tuning, and I was wondering if anybody could guide me in finding the proper tune for my car or if anybody has the same or similar setup and if I could follow off of your tune.

I have:

  • Hybrid Racing CAI
  • J35 Throttle body
  • RDX 410cc Injectors
  • Hybrid Racing fuel rail
(Not sure if it needs to be tuned)
  • Skunk2 Alpha Headers
  • Invidia N1 Catback

I've read somewhere that the Hybrid Racing CAI can't be tuned using Hondata's preset calibrations, so I would need some guiding on how to properly tune that.

For the J35 throttle body i've watched videos where people just do a idle relearn but i've seen some people still have a problem with a high idle, so i'm not to sure if it needs to be tuned or maybe a proper idle relearn needs to be done.

As for the RDX injectors I know that you have to change the injector size from 310cc (stock) to 410cc but not sure what to change regarding fuel tables and all that.

Aswell as the Skunk2 headers.

Thanks in advanced!
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