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+1 Year Oil Change (Scary Result)

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Hello there!

Today, I finally changed my oil for the first time in a long time. I can't remember exactly when I last changed it, but it was in the ballpark of March - May 2021. The oil and filter before was Penzoil's Ultra Platinum and the M1-110A filter from Mobil 1.

I have ZERO excuses for why I didn't change it sooner, perhaps it was the bold claims about synthetic oil rigidity, or the 25,000 km lifespan claim of the filter (or laziness). This is the first time, I have gone and entire year without changing the oil in my car and boy do I regret it. Please send your condolences, as I may have just witnessed the beginning of the end of my engine 馃槄

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Man, you should have taken a oil sample and take it to blackstone labs so you know how bad things are. Sorry things did not go your way. Your story reminded me of this guy Ontario Man Has Warranty Voided, Owes $19,000 for Engine Replacement: Change Your Oil!
That's a great idea. I always thought testing was super expensive but this seems quite reasonable! I used a catcher container so I still have the oil, but it got mixed with a few left over quarts from my last change.

I'll will 100% send a sample from my current oil after I cook it for a month.
So how many miles went by in 1 year?
12,000 kms or 7,500 miles.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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