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+1 Year Oil Change (Scary Result)

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Hello there!

Today, I finally changed my oil for the first time in a long time. I can't remember exactly when I last changed it, but it was in the ballpark of March - May 2021. The oil and filter before was Penzoil's Ultra Platinum and the M1-110A filter from Mobil 1.

I have ZERO excuses for why I didn't change it sooner, perhaps it was the bold claims about synthetic oil rigidity, or the 25,000 km lifespan claim of the filter (or laziness). This is the first time, I have gone and entire year without changing the oil in my car and boy do I regret it. Please send your condolences, as I may have just witnessed the beginning of the end of my engine 馃槄

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12,000 kms or 7,500 miles.
It's not the oil then. Most synthetic oils you can go to 10-15k hell I've even seen oils that say 20-25k for chabge intervals. I always change mine at 5k and around 2500-3000 miles I change the oil filter because I'm ocd. I don't think you changing your oil for a year caused this man. It may just be from general ware and tare and something needs replaced. On the brightside you could always k24 swap it lol. I k24 swapped my 06 si and it's a whole different animal now lol.
People seem to forget oil filters have a bypass
That means when the filter opens the bypass all that junk the filter collected goes back into your engine
Oil doesn't wear out - it just gets dirty !
Oil filters wear out
If you use the super high mileage synthetics you MUST change the oil filter ONLY BETWEEN oil changes and just add enough of new oil you lost by just changing the oil filter
SAE Labs did a test on oil filters years ago and that brand name $15-$20 oil filter isn't the best, many cheaper brands tested better.
I know better to get into a pissing test with you guys by naming the best brands of oil filters so you figure that out yourself
There's no gauge or warning light and you aren't Superman with x-ray vision so you'll never know WHEN that oil filter goes into a bypass and flood your engine with all the **** the filter collected!
Not all oil filters have a bypass in them and I wouldn't say it throws all the stuff the oil filter collected back into the motor. It just doesn't filter the oil anymore but yes if something breaks off the oil filter won't stop it it will recirculate and possibly cause more damage. I agree with changing the filter though. I used synthetic oil and change my oil at 5k but change my oil filter around 3k miles.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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