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First id like to say wow...you guys definently know your stuff.

I'm a little late posting a review by about a few months but life sometimes gets in the way which leads me to saying these guys are good and patient, i was what i would call a sporadic customer during the tuning process, i work nights and sleep days so whenever i got a chance to get some logs i would over endulge and probably drive them batty or more specifically vit batty. Had a lot of back and forths, questions, logs all over the board etc.

The customer service was a+ and i aprreciated the patience vit had with me, he never gave up when i sent logs after a week of nothing or hammered him with 5 logs in a single day, he professionally tuned everything correctly and got it back to me promptly.

Any down time between logs and tuning was well worth the wait. For a stock car its definently a whole new animal. I will definently be returning in the future as i get into mods. :-D

Thanks Etunez!

Mike G
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