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Hey everyone. Just wanted to show you all a little mod I did to my 2007 sedan.

I just picked this near mint condition sedan with only 19k miles on it! Amazing! One problem it had though was one wiper arm froze up and would not move at all when activated.

So I went out to get a replacement arm, and realized that not all 8th gen sedans had the same arms. 06-08 models had arms with a cover for the hook and a different shape while 09-11 models didn’t. I also liked that the 09-11 arms are compatible with lots of aftermarket blades unlike the 06-08 arms which can really only use OEM blades. (First pic are the old arms and the other pics are the new arms)

So I just got a set of 2 arms from a 2010 sedan and put them on. Real easy to install and honestly, I like the way these new blades look. And if I ever want to upgrade to an aftermarket blade, I can do that with ease.

So that’s just a little something I wanted to share with y’all.


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