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It wasnt my intention to buy an 09 tsx TB the seller made the mistake when listing the items year/model and i didnt realize it was missing the metal vac line on top. I actually pulled it off and managed to seal the bottom cavity using a thermal 70mm gasket. though i had to combine the brake booster and evap purge line together right now using a temp elbow. Not sure if that will create any adverse affects thought. I ve seen neater y fittings to clean it up but not sure if the booster and evap purge are ok to share a vac line. I have a map tune so it actually runs just fine. Pulled the negative off for 10mins started it up and didnt have to do a relearn. 70mm is nice throttle response is better yet smoother. Please chime in if anyone knows about the issues with combining booster and evap lines, the brakes didnt seem to be effected at all. As you can see below in the photos there is a part on top that sticks out from the spacer and gaskets but other wise with the proper gaskets it will seal. Please let me know if this can damage the evap or booster, having a hard time finding info on that specific vac system scenario.

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