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09 silver civic

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I just picked up a silver 09 civic non si sedan what do i need to do to get my paint to reflect would a simple polish and wax getvthe reflection ive given it 2 coats of the turtal wax hybrid seal and shine so its got protection and dome good beading but its not got the shine im after
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granny said:
Clay bar it. This will bring out the shine and remove years of swirl marks and clear coat yellowing/fading. Get clay bar system at your local auto store and follow the directions as it is different than conventional waxing.

You use soapy water the lube the clay bar. You move the bar up and down or side to side across the surface. Not in concentric circles like wax.

After the clay bar you must wax the car as it will be completely unprotected.

The new wax should bead like a Jersey housewife's sweater. Damn thats a good line.....
I have a same problem. And nice to read your suggestion
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