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09 silver civic

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I just picked up a silver 09 civic non si sedan what do i need to do to get my paint to reflect would a simple polish and wax getvthe reflection ive given it 2 coats of the turtal wax hybrid seal and shine so its got protection and dome good beading but its not got the shine im after
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I don’t ever want to say someone is wrong. Pro detailer here. Clay bar will not remove scratches. Clay bar will take the contamination out of paint. It will also get rid of tar and bugs left over or any other pain in the butt marks. In order to remove scratches you need to wash. Clay. Buff with one step polish and a white pad. Skip the wax. Wax is funky and will collect more the bare paint. Ceramic is the way to go. Adams has a very easy spray ceramic that will give you great shine and 6 moths protectant. Spray on wipe off. DM of you need help
Good tips here. My younger recently got into detailing. I'll pass this to him
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