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Blown head gasket.... Need recommendations for Shops *Editted*

Hey guys, this is just an edit of my initial post here, I've quoted the original text below.

So turns out it is a blown head gasket.... So would anyone on here know of a good local independent shop to here in calgary....

Hey Guys,

Normally I could get my answer through searching google and the 8th civic forum but this time it's a little different.

Background information:

Car: 2009 Civic SI Coupe 2.0L
Mileage: 125,000 rough approx

So for the past week I've noticed my car have difficulty starting, by that I mean I would crank and hear the engine struggle or sputter a few times before actually turning over and starting. I noticed this start around a week ago and assumed it was due low oil in the engine, so I stopped off at a gas station and proceeded to buy some more to top up my engine.

So this morning as I went to go out and start my engine after topping it up with oil, my car won't start.... I'm at work so I can't check the car at the moment but I'm really stressing out about fixing this in time for work again tomorrow or else I have to pay yet another round trip cab fare to and from work and thats just way too expsensive for me.


I can hear a whirring or noise as I turn the Key towards the II position and after a few seconds it's followed by a click so that indicates the main relay is still good. It cranks, and sputters like it wants to start the RPM indicates it jumps up to around 600-1000 and then sputters and dies again.

I had to switch my spark plugs from the OEM SP's to the BOSCH brand SP's from Canadian Tire 2 years ago as I was stranded inbetween two provinces and my car was doing somewhat of the same problem. I am chalking this up to the bad SP's and as soon as Im getting off work I am going to pick up new ones and switch them out.

My main question is: Do you think it could be something else? I read that it could even be a bad starter....
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