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Hey guys, I could really use a hand and some advice on this.

We just changed the clutch on my 08 Si to an exedy stage 1. At first, it was horribly hard to shift and grinded into most gears; it would also roll on its own power with the clutch completely depressed in reverse. The speedo stopped working, vtec would not kick, the car barely revved when I blipped the throttle, and the car felt overall slower.
Figured it needed a clutch pedal adjustment.
I adjusted the pedal and it shifts like a dream now. However the speedometer now starts raising randomly up to 40-80 mph while I'm in gear and shortly after I exit until I release the clutch pedal. The revs will also jump slightly as I move it into gears. The seat belt alarm of course goes off, and it locks me out of reverse as well.
I haven't taken it for a second test run as of yet, as I don't want to risk damaging anything.

We didn't split the case and were very gentle with the trans. I'm also not throwing a code for a speed sensor.

Does anyone have any advice or experience with this? It would be greatly appreciated
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