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First time the issue happened car was driving up a small hill, lost power and the accelerator was unresponsive. Managed to pull off into a driveway where the engine fully shut off. After waiting for a minute the car started and drove just fine. Took the car to the local Honda dealer the same day, they did an engine diagnostic and drove the car, said they found nothing wrong with it.

Drove the car for two days with no issues. Three days after taking it to Honda the same thing happened. Driving up a hill the car lost power, pressing on the accelerator did nothing. Pulled into a driveway before it completely died. The car would start normally but rev up to about 2500 rpm before turning off again in a few seconds. Ended up getting it flatbedded to a local Toyota dealership. They checked the codes same as Honda and found nothing. They drove the car for 40 miles without issues, at some point the car died on them. They found a problem with the air-fuel ratio sensor and replaced it. Thought this would e the end of it, but no.

The civic drive fine for the next few days. However, last night it only ran for a few seconds before dying. Same thing as before, the engine starts normally then revved up and died. Today it started fine.

Not really sure what to do next, the car has 190k miles so it’s not worth investing much more into fixing it. Besides this issue, nothing else is wrong with it, so any ideas of what could be wrong would be great. Thought it could possibly be the accelerator sensor failing, anyone had that happen before? At this point, I’m open to anything.
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