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This was my first “nice” car, a 2008 DX civic coupe. My actual first car was an old Mazda protege rust bucket with peeling clear coat that I only had for two years before it died.
I haven’t done much to my car, and it’s bone stock since I plan on keeping the amazing fuel economy it gets.
What I have done:
  • Windows tinted
  • 17” rims from Acura tsx/tl I got on Facebook for 100$
  • 215/45/r17 cooper tires (got them on sale)
  • LED taillights
  • skunk2 shift knob, si center console conversion, power door lock conversion (since the dx didn’t come with a centre glovebox or power locks 😤)
  • headlight projector retrofit and fog lights install
  • colour matched door handles and mirrors
  • rear mudguards from Facebook

That’s about it, and almost everything I’ve done to the car is functional in some way. I think it looks great too, not too much different than the other civics on the road but just enough to stand out a little bit. Let me know what you guys think! I’m hoping to put some lowering springs on it in the next year or so.
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