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Nice on the tranny!! Eman?

little update. blew out the packing on my berk hfc. since i want to run a hfc, i went with a kooks green cat and had it added into the q300 midpipe. this way i get to run the skunk2 megapower race header again and hopefully make a tad more powa all while being friendlier towards the earf.

Are you still running the Kooks + Q300 setup? If so, how's it working out?

I run a similar setup (S2 alpha + Q300 w/ Vibrant HFC welded in), but I was considering something similar to your Berk HFC setup for smog purposes as well as the option to revert the motor mounts to stock (I'm tired of the NVH, even with only 60a). It sounds like the Berk didn't last very long, though?

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yeah, i destroyed that berk pretty quick. the kooks combo seems to be working. i am actually going to pull the exhaust off this weekend hopefully to adjust the donut gasket. think i got a leak down there. i'll have a look while im in there to see how she is holding up. its meant to handle something like 750hp, so my less than 400 shouldn't be taxing it too bad. and yes, emman did my trans work. i am still slapping it back together. slowly, but surely.
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