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0720Steve's 08TWFA5SC

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ooops, i just ordered my sidemarkers.....:eek:hnoes:
sweet Steve!!... CTR crystal-clear or amber? or something else like the DC5'ers?
shhhhhhhh. i think i might be the only one to do this....so far. the ones off the EF civic. they look like the s2k and dc5 ones in shape.....but they have a black trim. i think they will compliment the headlights. we shall see....

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word... well props on being diff. i hope they look good on the sedan. here's hopin'!!
i has faith it'll work out!

then every1 will start copying you & you WIN!

also, im assuming that this is a MUCH more cost-effective mod for the money right?
i just think it will look good because of the black lines of the headlight. should work. only going to cut the fender if i think it will look good.
holy crap steve your avatar scared the **** out of me. i didn't know it ever blinked and i thought i was trippin haha!
no updates for me. sideskirts were the last update. ordered side markers today. have yet to wire up the PBS. need to save some money for now for christmas and birthdays. still trying to find a job. once i do, i will go parts wild.

still need:

window visors
valve cover
real intake
suspension/chassis upgrades
........and more......
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This thread needs to be updated. MOAR steve lol
aw you got the ctr visors? it's alright, we still love you.
going to try them out. see what i think. would switch to mugen at some point if i don't like them. the $75 difference sounded so nice.

Well, the day has come; the Si is 1 year old today. 12 months, 13,4xx miles, and $$$$$$ later….


  • DIYSRI DIY Stand
  • Removed resonator
  • Filtermag
  • Removed IM cover
  • JDM black dipstick
  • Relocated Injector Ground to Valve Cover
  • Mobil1 5W-30
  • Mobil1 filter
  • P2R IMG gasket (yet to be installed)


  • HFP suspension


  • HFP underbody spoiler kit
  • Removed Si spoiler
  • DIY trunk plugs
  • DIY hood spacers
  • 4300 HID
  • Sylvania Silverstar Highbeams
  • JDM EF sidemarkers
  • Debadged Civic emblem
  • Tow hook painted black
  • EG SiR LSD decal
  • JDM/CTR/HFP/Honda Access Window Visors


  • Strutking Dead Pedal
  • TWM M1 Abrams Gun Blue shift knob
  • Auger Shift Boot (black, red alcantra)
  • FD2 PBS (yet to be wired)
  • FD2 Hazard Button
  • CSX center drink console
  • CSX center cubby with sliding cover


  • OEM Navi
  • Javo Screen protector
  • USA Spec Ipod Adapter


  • Black Enkei RPF1s
  • JDM valve cover
  • OEM fogs
  • Header
  • Exhaust
  • Reflash
  • S/C
  • P2R TB Spacer and gaskets

On to the pics……got quite a few of them, and yes, most suck, I am no photo-grapher....not in the best of order either.......enjoy..…(?)

My Accord I traded in (t-boned)

The day after I bought it

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Looks awesome mang! happy birthday! wingless FTW!
Why not just trade your trunk for a lower model's trunk? Also, not big on the hood spacers. Everything else looks good bro. Car looks clean.
i'd say put the wing back but its your car hehe

it looks good... i would go a little lower too

i envy you for having white :D
make me realize how much i need an oem front lip haha

looks good
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