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i want retro fogs!!!

and yea document it and take lots of pictures steve
will do....should be here tomorrow......going to put it on on friday or saturday......put my hid on tonight. looks killer.
yea i love mine too!

what method did you use to install it?

on mine i jacked up the car and took off the wheels n the plastic piece on the side
for my friend i just took off the front bumper
i had to figure it out for myself......at first i took off the passenger wheel and then realized it would be easier to take off the bumper so i did that. took me a couple hours.....with eating dinner, drinking beer, and learning how to do it. i thought something was wrong, wrong kit, or connections at first because the clip from the oem harness to the hid plug is hard to fit together.....thought i had it right at first, tried it, didn't work, took it apart, thought i had it right, tried it again, didn't work....almost gave up.....looked at it again, and the thing wasn't seating or clipping together....turns out it was right and just had to be forced on there better......once i figured that out the other side was a breeze. pretty happy with the install and the looks.

really glad i got the 4300.
lol yea i kept getting annoyed when i did mine that it didnt clip together

it was hard to lock the bulb in tho
so my hfp suspension should be here today....depending on what time it gets here i might install it today. how long you think it will take me, and how bad, if at all, do you think i will need an alignment?

instructions don't looks too bad. shouldn't take me long. since i am not assembling anything it should be a breeze, and i did the koni/tein combo on my accord in no time, so this should be a cake walk. i'll let you all know what happens.
alignment won't be needed, but do get it when you have time... i did the suspension work on my Fit and after putting the stock springs back on before taking to the dealer for an estimate, they didn't seem to notice the difference in alignment even i can't... it won't be way off, so your good, but i say get it over the weekend when you have the time or just wait all together and do it all over the weekend.
ne time you change suspension parts you should get an alignment
lame weather might not allow me to put my suspension on this weekend. i wanted to do it today, but i'm not going to jump into it if i can't finish it. i heard it was supposed to pour.
HFP and HID installed.....looks good. very happy with both of them.
just ordered my side skirts. will finally have the whole lip kit here pretty quick.
got it off ebay. i ended up buying the whole kit and already had a buyer off the site for the front and rear. came to 935 for the whole kit shipped. giving him the front and rear for 540. means i am paying 395 for the sides. woot woot.
that's what i was thinking. i don't have much money to be spending right now, but since i was going to buy it somewhat soon anyways i thought i should jump on the deal....saving 100-200 dollars. that means i can get the foglights damn near free depending how you look at it.
Thats true. Hahaha! Done for now. I'll go back to my car probably next year. To many expenses. Just bought a new lens for my camera. Got the SB-600 a couple weeks ago and then I'm planning on getting the MB-D80 battery grip and an extra battery. All part of planning for my trip on November.
nice. i wanted to have the majority of my car build done within a year. i need the foglights, sideskirts, and wheels.

i'll do the engine next year.
Thats what I was thinking before too. I just need I guess my side and then SRI. Also, I'm considering switching to WS2 for my exhaust later on... WE'll see... Depends on my finances. Hehehe!
81 - 100 of 1199 Posts
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