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z3 cams back in? check.
IMT updated stage 2 core? check.
IMT 2.95 blower pulley? check.
RDX R40 crank pulley? check.
IMT phenolic IMG? check.
dc5r 4/5 and 2012 6th? check.
FX350 clutch? check.
FD2 flywheel? check.
RRC oil pump? check.
valve adjustment? check.
fresh sc oil? check.
fresh tct? check.
fresh o2 sensor? check.
fresh rear main seal? check.
fresh s2000 exhaust donut gasket? check.
misc. and unnecessary parts removed? check.
new fluids? check.
perfectly gapped spark plugs? check.
emmanual approved torque specs and fixes on everything that wasn't done right the first time over the last 6 years? check.

:vtec: ? check.
41 - 55 of 1199 Posts
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