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0720Steve's 08TWFA5SC

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i just went outside and installed my javo anti-glare navi screen protector and debadged the civic emblem
Picture of the ass?
Looks a whole lot cleaner! I'm at work and it's so boooring...
alignment won't be needed, but do get it when you have time... i did the suspension work on my Fit and after putting the stock springs back on before taking to the dealer for an estimate, they didn't seem to notice the difference in alignment even i can't... it won't be way off, so your good, but i say get it over the weekend when you have the time or just wait all together and do it all over the weekend.
girlfriend said no pics :giggle:
what she doesn't know won't hurt her. POST NOW, plus i have a thing for TWFITS! :thumb:
wow good progress Steve, im glad you're doing more power mods! :)

btw, the last pic from behind i thought you had a long ass antenna!
1 - 5 of 1199 Posts
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