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2008 Taffeta White Si Sedan
Navigation & Summer Tires

Engine/Performance Modifications

R1320 TVS Supercharger
IMT Aftercooler
IMT Phenolic IMG
3.0" Blower Pulley
Skunk2 Megapower Race Header
Kooks Green HFC
Invidia Q300
Hondata Flashpro tuned by VitViper
RRC Oil Pump
Exedy Stage 2 Clutch (4 Puck)
FD2 Flywheel
Injector Dynamics 1,000cc Injectors
Hondata 4Bar Map
DeatschWerks DW65c Fuel Pump
PPG Helical 1-4
TSX 5th Gear
2012 Si 6th gear
Innovative Motor Mounts 75A
Hasport Rear Mount 70A
DC5-R Valve Cover
RRC Oil Dipstick

Wheel/Suspension Upgrades

Mugen GPs
Michelin Pilot Super Sports - 225/40/18
TSX Front Calipers
Brembo Blanks
Hawk HPS
Buddy Club P1-RACING rear camber kit
Progress Rear Sway Bar (Moog bushings/brackets)

Exterior Modifications

HFP Underbody Spoiler Kit
HFP/Honda Access Window Visors
EX Sedan Foglights
EF Sidemarkers
EG SiR LSD Decal
R18 Trunk Swap (wingless)
OEM FA Taillights w/amber (China)
Redline Tuning QuickLIFT Elite Hood Damper
Debadged Civic and Si Emblems

Interior Modifications

CSX Sliding Cover Cubby
CSX Center Console Drink Holder
TWM Stage 2 Short Shifter Assembly
DX Black interior trim
S2000 Titanium Shift Knob
RedlineGoods Bride Shift boot
CTR Push Button Start
CTR Hazard
Strut King Dead Pedal
Red Steering Wheel Emblem
09 LX-S Rear Speaker Shelf (3rd brake light)


OEM Navigation

Other Modifications

Misc. Broken Tabs and Scratches

Future Modifications


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0720Steve's SC08TWFA5

from this

to this..

Bought new 12-2-07
2008 Civic Si Sedan
Taffeta White
Navigation and summer tires

Got rid of my Accord. Had been t boned and the car was never the same. Got a manual 4 banger this time so I could :vtec:

04 LXV6

One of her first pics, taken the morning after I brought her home.

Went out and took a few pics of the stock sexiness

And then with my girlfriends fit…

Had the JDM Black dipstick, IMG, and a FilterMag oil magnet before I bought the car, and took them with me for the purchase (not IMG though). Didn’t know the car well enough to know where the oil filter was, so I didn’t get to stick the magnet on before I drove the car home, but stopped at Carl’s Jr down the street and swapped out the dipstick. First mod done within a few minutes of leaving the dealership.

Installed a few mods right away, CSX sliding cover cubby, and a couple gifts from the woman for Christmas; Auger shift boot, and Strut King deal pedal.

went to my first meet…

Started testing out shift knobs…


S2000 CR:

TWM M1 Abrams in gun blue/gun metal:

I liked the TWM ball style the most so kept that….CR was too small, had to use your fingertips to shift it felt like…

Gettin my ****pit set up nicely…

Did the first oil change pretty quick too…get the fresh stuff in there…cut open the filter to check it out since I didn’t get to install the magnet on day 1…found sprinkles/confetti..

Front and Rear HFP lips :woot:

went out and took some more pics with lips…

went to my second meet....

saw some 8ths with HIDs at the meet and liked those, so ordered me some 4300…

also picked up a push button start and wired that in. used a clipped connector from the VSA/TCS/hazard button so it was plug right in, so janky computer printer harness here…

also picked up an FD2 hazard and the matching CSX cup holder. Too OCD to have that silver strip only on the cubby…

****pit coming together a bit better…

made myself a DIYSRI

had some helpers..

local dyno day. just with DIYSRI

went by a couple more meets..

DIY hood spacers

removed a piece under the cowl to get some more air to the SRI

HFP sides :woot:

Was pretty scared when I saw the box…



decided I wanted some amber sidemarkers. Got EF9 since I thought it would flow well with the amber and black in the headlights…

HFP/Honda Access window visors…

tried out double hood spacers…didn’t last long…

went wingless…

ditched hood spacers and did makeshift wingless by plugging those holes while i decided it i liked it. got OEM EX sedan fogs. Started looking for an EX/LX trunk…

S2000 CR black lugs and locks…

but then found me a set of rpf1. 17x7.5+48. Pretty much same size as stock, half inch wider, use stock tires which I had just replaced with yokohama s drives…

all swapped over..

picked up some black lugs for those too…

did a mountain run with the local crew..

found me an r18 trunk. Came with red emblem which I took off…found damage underneath…started searching for another trunk…

found another trunk, but it was shipped poorly and came all banged up. Started looking for ANOTHER trunk…

had seen and been wanting the Chinese taillights with amber. Had seen a few sets on ebay but never made the plunge. Then when I went to do it, could not find OEM anymore. Decided to get a set of replicas until I could find the real deal. Liked how they would tie together the headlights and sidemarkers.

decided was time to get serious about power. Ordered AEM CAI, Skunk2 Megapower, Vibrant Stealth Edition exhaust, Innovative 75A motor mounts, and flashpro…also got a red valve cover as a gift from a friend (thank you sir).

how she stands…

picked up some more parts, TSX cams, TSX tb, RDX injectors, but cams came damaged. Not having the best of luck. sent cams back and started looking for another set…

found another set of tsx cams, had those installed along with NST pulleys (only 2 mods I did not do myself). Was too scurred after hearing stories of people having to have their car towed when trying it themselves and not knowing what they were doing…(also picked up an optima battery somewhere in here. Never drive the car, so the battery died and I just went out and bought another. Probably should have just charged it up.)

shot of cams and header

installed the RDX injectors, tsx tb and gasket. Messed up one of the injector clips during the process. Oh well…time to start tuning.

LSD rear window decal. Uber JDM

won me a set of Mugen GP here off the site for the 12 days of Christmas in there somewhere. Also picked up a set of SSR Type F, 18x8.5+30. decided not to run the SSR and sold them.

grabbed a set of buddyclub N+, camber arms, progress RSB...and also installed TSX calipers up front.

couple of misc shots on way to dyno day

engine bay. Also shows the Redline hood strut

ditched the vibrant for a Q300

Have a thing for OEM, so I mounted those up. Wanted it to look “stock” inside and out.

at a quick glance, it kind of looks stock, but on further inspection, you can see all the OEM accents/upgrades.

Picked up an RRC

another dyno day. this was at church on their dynapack...

switched up from rpf1 and decided to run the GPs. got an alignment

finally found an OEM set of the amber tails. also installed an LX-S rear speaker tray so i would have a 3rd brake light and be legal :woot:

got an s2k titanium knob and TWM short shifter assembly

bought a supercharger. :woot: still buyin all the supporting mods, but hope to have that installed in the coming weeks.


EDM FN2 boot with S2000 Titanium knobber...

supercharger install....almost done getting buttoned back up.

shot of the IMT aftercooler

ran into some problems and had to have it towed to ventura so emmanuel could work his magic. thank you K20Z3allmotor. <3

all done. still not sure if i should install the AEM Fuel Rail (25-111BK). for now it is off since eman didn't see it in the car when he was putting it back together.

now etuning with vit. :vtec: :woot:

how she stands now...

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