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$11500 OBO

Selling my Si. I have another car and no longer have the time or space to keep it. I am the original owner. I bought the car brand new from GoHonda 104 (now AutoNation).

The car was mainly used for my commute to university every day for school for 6 years. I'm a pretty big gear head and did almost all of the labor on this car myself. I've done all the oil changes every 3000-5000 miles with Mobil 1 full synthetic since it's very first oil change after the break in period. I can tell you every single thing about this car, both the interior / exterior as well as everything under the hood. I took care of her like she was my child. I'm very sad to have to let her go, but I just can't justify keeping the car.

Interior is perfect like the day I bought it, except my seat bolster is a little squished from ten years of getting in and out of the vehicle. The pics are a little dirty, so as you can see she needs a wipe down and a vacuum. I used to detail very expensive cars when i was younger so NOTHING touched this paint except clean microfiber or hose/pressure washer.

Now for the fun stuff:

Engine/Performance Modifications
Modified CT 520cc Injectors
Flashpro - tuned by VitViper (very recognized in the 8thgen community)
Custom MoFab catch can
Injen CAI
Skunk2 Megapower Header
Full Race 3" exhaust
Skunk 2 Radiator Hoses
Boomba Torque Mounts
TWM Short Shifter
P2R TB Gasket
Ebay carbon fiber hood dampers
Real JDM Red Valve cover
Gold Mugen Oil Cap
Black JDM Dip Stick
Password JDM Carbon Kevlar engine bay dressing
Coil Pack Cover
Radiator Cover
Fuse Box Cover
ECU Cover

Wheel/Suspension Upgrades
HFP 18" Bronze rims
Stock 17" Silver wheels with snow tires
Eibach Sportline springs

Exterior Modifications
Tinted taillights - Red reverse light overlay
JDM Red "H" Front / Rear emblems
Morimoto bi-xenon retrofits
HFP lip kit
Plastidip Grill
Plastidip HFP front lip
Black roof overlay

Interior Modifications
AEM Digital UEGO Wideband AFR gauge
AEM Digital Boost gauge
Carbon fiber gauge pod
Red "H" steering wheel emblem
Zerg Carbon Fiber Manual Shifter Trim
Bridge shift boot / arm rest - black
Bride door cards - red
Broadway mirror

Completely stock and all speakers / sub work perfectly well

The bad:
There really isn't anything bad about this car. The worst I would say is that it did suffer significant hail damage last year or so. I had all of the dents repaired at Arapahoe Collision and Mechanical by Larry and his team. They did a TREMENDOUS job. You would never know anything happened to it. I thought I would be getting a carbon fiber hood/trunk so I did not have the original hood/trunk repaired.

One or both of the rear struts are starting to creak when it's cold outside so they probably need to be replaced. I was planning on doing coil overs and never got around to it. You can get a set of OEM struts for pretty cheap.

Second Gear Grind - I've got it and I never addressed it because i simply just stopped driving aggressively once i found out i had this problem.

Original clutch - I'm still on the very first clutch from the factory. It still works absolutely perfectly. This is also a good thing because you can believe me when I say - I did NOT beat on this car. I NEVER launched the car. I never shifted aggressively. I never "power shifted". If you are the type to launch at every green light and go doing burnouts, this clutch will probably go downhill pretty quickly. If you're like me and baby this thing, it will very likely last you a bit longer. However, with 110k miles on it who knows when it will give up.

ALL STOCK PARTS INCLUDED. I have probably 90% of the parts that were taken off of this car and will include them in the sale. Parts included but not limited to: intake manifold, intake, exhaust, header, catalytic converter, valve cover, dip stick, etc, etc. They are in storage so I would have to go check just exactly what I have but I know the big items are there.

If you didn't see above, I also have the original set of wheels with snow tires mounted on them. The snow tires should still be good for a couple more seasons. I can't recall what brand tires are on them at the moment.

PM me if you would like some more pictures or have any additional questions on the car. I am NOT in a hurry to sell this thing so no low ballers please.

Main reason for selling: I have a turbo NSX and an s2000 so i really don't have time for taking care of a civic anymore unfortunately. I love her. but she's taking up precious driveway space now.

Pics here:
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