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07 TSX cams for sale or trade? what ya got?

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like the title says ive got a set of 07 tsx cams with about 8,500 miles on them. id like to get $350.00 shipped or i am willing to trade for some parts.

parts id be willing to trade for are boomba mounts, nst pulleys, ported rbc... im having a k24a2 swap done in my 08 fg2 going NA so if you have something interesting let me know.

cams are in perfect shape!

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Would you part out the intake cam? I only need the intake cam
GLWS!!! go with innovative mounts:wheee:
would you do an even trade for skunk2 stage 2 cams ver. 3?

I made about 230whp on a mustang with them with i/h/e + tsx tb.
damn economy is that bad that no one wants these yet? hmm . . .overdraft protection, should i??? LoL!
sorry a stage 1 wont do i got a cc stage 4 lol. and i am already running skunk 2 stage 2 v3s...and i really dont wanna split them i have enough paperweights.
DCRH + cash ... thats about all i got.. lol
How bout a FR exhaust ??????????
as in fullrace? 3inch? any pics? id do an even trade possibly.
Got any closer pics so we are able to see the cam lobes?
i tried to get closer shots but the camera blows.
i can pay u immediately, pm me asap, thanks
How much are shipping costs to Switzerland?
really not trying to ship all the way across the world. shipping would prob be crazy.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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