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What's up people. I've read the threads for years but this is my first post!

I've got a fairly stock 2dr SI coupe. I was having excessive shaking from the wheels. I replaced 1 rear bearing because I could shake the rim/tire when the car was jacked up. No probs and the problem was fixed.

Now about a month later, the front was shaking and it's the tie rod. I know it because of excess play in the driver's side rod at both sides (inner and outer tie rod).

I got replacements but the inner tie rod. That goes into the rack, it won't fit. It's 1mm or so too small. Threading looks the same. The outer rod fits both the old and new inner tie rod.

Is it possible that my rack and pinion is from a rsx or some other model Civic, like a ex?

I don't have the part number right this second but my new tie rods are deff for my si. I check and double checked. And checked it's for the coupe.

I put the old inner tie rod back on w a new outer. It's alot better but what's up with my inner?

What rack will fit on a si? What tie rods are interchangable? What tie rod is slightly bigger than the SI coupe? What the hell is on my ride?

Help please! I don't want to scavange the junk yard for every inner tie rod I can find.
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